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7-Day Forecast Berlin, Germany

  • 11/17/17


    10°C 4°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 5.4 h
    Prec. 12h 0.0 mm
    Prec. Risk 10%
  • 11/18/17


    7°C 1°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 1.3 h
    Prec. 12h 2.34 mm
    Prec. Risk 80%
  • 11/19/17


    7°C 3°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 0.2 h
    Prec. 12h 1.08 mm
    Prec. Risk 80%
  • 11/20/17


    6°C 3°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 0.6 h
    Prec. 12h 3.49 mm
    Prec. Risk 95%
  • 11/21/17


    5°C 3°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 1.8 h
    Prec. 12h 1.07 mm
    Prec. Risk 65%
  • 11/22/17


    6°C 1°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 1.5 h
    Prec. 12h 0.02 mm
    Prec. Risk 15%
  • 11/23/17


    10°C 3°C

    UV Low
    Sun hours 1.0 h
    Prec. 12h 1.74 mm
    Prec. Risk 90%
Last update: 11/17/17 5:09 PM
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