Extended features for registered users

As a registered user of Allianz WeatherSafe you receive weather warnings for up to three locations of your own choice. Warnings can be shared with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail. WeatherSafe also provides free up-to-date radar and satellite images for many countries.

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Weather warnings

If a weather warning is issued for one of your locations you will receive information about the type of weather you will have to deal with and when it is due.

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Allianz advice and recommendations

Allianz WeatherSafe will provide you with specific advice relevant to the particular weather warning issued to you and tell you how you can guard against weather damage.

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Satellite images

Satellite images show the actual cloud cover for your location. Click and you can see an animated motion sequence of the actual cloud cover and movement for your area.

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Radar images

Available in many countries, radar images provide information on precipitation (rain, hail, snow) for your country. The animated motion sequence is ‘time stamped’ giving you the ability to predict when precipitation will arrive in your area. This is very useful for planning and preparation.